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CTPBP Fireball Giveaway

To celebrate CTP Blueprint's Monthssary, I wanted to do something really special as thank you for all your support so far!

25K CTP Tokens Give Away!

Yes, you read it right! I will be doing a 25000 CTP Tokens drawing! That's about $250 worth in Tokens!! Some actions will give you entries for the drawing so everybody has a chance!

The more entries you get, the more possibilities to win!!

Thank YOU for the contribution!

Blain Jones
Jon Olson
Rob Willmann
David Hurley

Huge thank you to you all for adding more CTP Tokens to the pot! So the number of winners will increase!!

Winners and Prizes

The drawing will be random and 10 lucky winners will get a share of the giveaway!

Here are the prizes:

  • 1st Place - 10000 CTP Tokens
  • 2nd Place - 5000 CTP Tokens
  • 3rd Place - 2000 CTP Tokens
  • 4th Place - 2000 CTP Tokens
  • 5th Place - 2000 CTP Tokens
  • 6th Place - 1000 CTP Tokens
  • 7th Place - 1000 CTP Tokens
  • 8th Place - 1000 CTP Tokens
  • 9th Place - 500 CTP Tokens
  • 10th Place - 500 CTP Tokens

How you can earn Entries

Here are some of the Actions that can give you entries:

  • 1 Entry for login in daily
  • 5 Entries for providing valid and valued engagement on my CTPTalk posts and CTP Blueprint Facebook
  • 20 Entries for every dollar spend
  • 10 Entries per active referral
  • 10 Entries for every dollar a referral spends
  • Email Marketing saves Unicorns and gets you an extra 5 Entries - just reply my emails so I can know you read them!

Earning Entries on CTPTalk

These are manual entries that I personally check if the content has value and then add the amount of entries that I think it's fair. Since they are manual additions I'll keep a schedule to add them manually on the Leaderboard at "my" midnight, around 7pm Eastern.

Here are some of the Actions that can give you entries on CTP Talk:

  • The winner of the daily #LukeIsAlive Challenge Drawing gets 20 Entries and on the Weekly Drawing gets 100, 50, 20 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively - hosted by @flaxz
  • The winner of the CTP Talk Wheel of Engagement, hosted by @russellstockley, gets 50 Entries
  • The winner of the Honey Pot, hosted by @russellstockley, gets according to the CTP Tokens in the pot
  • The winner of the Hiveghost Wheel Spin, hosted by @hiveghost, gets 50 Entries
  • Posts/Reviews about the program gets 10 Entries
  • Comments get 5 Entries like said above on valid and valued engagement
  • Promotional Banners gets 2 Entries
  • Reblogging gets 2 Entries

Draw Date

The Drawing will be placed in August 1st!

Referral Contest

The Referral Contest gives you a chance to win extra entries, which means more chances for the 10K drawing!

Here are the prizes:

  • 1st Place - 1000 Entries
  • 2nd Place - 500 Entries
  • 3rd Place - 200 Entries
  • 4th Place - 100 Entries
  • 5th Place - 50 Entries

I will be posting weekly contest updates on CTPTalk.com as well on CTP Blueprint Facebook and email! So make sure you follow!


The Fireball GiveAway Drawing will be open to any active member.

Only one prize per person.

Referrals must join within the time frame of the contest and be active to earn entries

Any attempt to provide false or faked information in an attempt to gain entries will automatically disqualify you from the giveaway.

Spamming HIVE Blockchain/CTPTalk to gain entries can disqualify you from the giveaway.